Experienced administrative lawyers

Launch Legal is uniquely placed to help government agencies and businesses work together effectively. Our administrative lawyers have worked as external advisors to all levels of government and inside government themselves. We’re ready to work with you on matters of administrative and public law to ensure both sides get the desired result.

For government

We understand the sensitivities and imperatives you’re faced with, such as:

  • Public interest immunity
  • FOI
  • Privacy and data protection
  • Protected disclosures
  • Public administration of funds
  • Model litigant guidelines
  • Civil procedure obligations and key performance indicators
  • The Victorian Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities

For businesses

We intimately understand the inner workings of government departments, and can help you with:

  • Responding to requests for tenders
  • Meeting government requirements for contracts, 
  • Sub-contracting, 
  • Industrial matters
  • Record keeping
  • Data management

Examples of our work in administrative and public law

  • Supporting administrative decision-makers throughout government including central agencies, government departments and various public bodies including justice and regulatory bodies
  • Advising on the implementation of various policy initiatives of government
  • Restructuring teams to best position them to carry out their legislative functions and meet community needs
  • Managing Freedom of Information (FOI) disputes at a central agency involving highly confidential and sensitive business cases and other documents relating to Victorian Government Public-Private Partnerships projects
  • Policy development in matters such as the management of the State’s response to bushfires and privacy
  • Providing practical assistance to clients in relation to a range of projects including ICT and other projects
  • Responding to privacy complaints
  • Drafting the Department of Justice’s Protected Disclosure Procedures which have been circulated, and adopted, throughout the government

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