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Navigating restructure, redundancy, insolvency and organisational change can be confronting and upsetting for those affected. But to secure the ongoing success and sustainability of the business, tough decisions have to be made.

We can help reduce the stress on all parties by ensuring entitlements and communications are handled professionally and effectively.

For businesses

  • Early turnaround strategies
  • Workout strategies
  • Restructuring
  • Redundancies
There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to an underperforming or distressed team or business. We focus on strategies that help you recover, restructure and avoid or minimise the fallout of closure or formal insolvency. Once the strategy is in place, we’ll help you execute – drafting processes and communications, and keeping detailed records so you can focus on the wellbeing and performance of your teams.

For businesses

  • Negotiations
  • Statutory and contractual entitlements
  • Exit packages
Redundancy can come as a significant shock—one which leaves many people feeling uncertain and vulnerable. If you’ve been made redundant, or are worried you might be, you should obtain legal advice to ensure the legality of the redundancy itself and safeguard your entitlements, pay and rights. Redundancy is a complex area of law and it’s worth your while to have an independent redundancy lawyer on your case

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Vanessa CurtisRadial Consulting
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I was so impressed with Susanna and the fact she jumped straight in to the job after our initial conversation – even to the point of responding late at night to ensure my client contract could be expedited. I felt completely comfortable discussing the circumstances of my business and needs, and I will be coming back to her for assistance in creating a new company contract very shortly.