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The best resolution for an unfair dismissal claim is to keep it out of courts and tribunals. But sometimes, formal dispute resolution or litigation is unavoidable. That’s where Launch Legal can help.

We aim to minimise the costs, stress and inconvenience that these processes can cause you.

For businesses

If you are facing an unfair dismissal or ‘adverse action’ claims as a result of a dismissal you carried out, you’ll value our careful expert touch on your behalf.
  • We’ll help you respond to unfair dismissals and Fair Work Commission complaints strategically
  • We’ll help you get a good result and ensure the proceedings are resolved as quickly as possible

For employees

If you are facing allegations of under-performance or misconduct – or facing dismissal from your role – our specialist support will help you get through this difficult process without hurting your career.

  • We’ll help you challenge your dismissal or come along to support you in a meeting about your employment.
  • We’ll help you understand and decide on the best course of action to follow, including whether to pursue a claim for compensation for wrongful dismissal or for breach of an employment contract.
  • If you’re unable to make an unfair dismissal claim, you may be able to make an unlawful dismissal claim or a general protections claim.

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Vanessa CurtisRadial Consulting
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I was so impressed with Susanna and the fact she jumped straight in to the job after our initial conversation – even to the point of responding late at night to ensure my client contract could be expedited. I felt completely comfortable discussing the circumstances of my business and needs, and I will be coming back to her for assistance in creating a new company contract very shortly.