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Down-to-earth workplace lawyers

Launch Legal is a team of qualified lawyers and workplace relations experts tired of the traditional law firms and ready to shake up the industry. We’ve stripped out the many unnecessary parts of traditional law firms to focus on the most important thing: you and your case.

We won’t take on a client who doesn’t actually need a lawyer, and our fee structure is completely transparent – you’ll only ever pay for what you get.

If you have a tricky workplace issue and you think might need legal representation, contact us for a consultation.

We can help you navigate all aspects of:

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Administrative and public law

We understand how governments think and act, because we’ve worked inside and alongside them for years with great results.

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Bullying, harassment & discrimination

We can help you resolve tricky or sensitive employee bullying, discrimination or harassment cases quickly, fairly and with empathy

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Crisis or dispute management

Protect your reputation and minimise financial loss through industrial disputes, breach of employment contract and unfair dismissals.

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Employment, remuneration and benefits

We’ll sort out paperwork, review contracts and provide real-life advice so employers and employees can start (and stay) on the right foot.

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Restructure &

Navigate restructure, redundancy, insolvency and organisational change - from strategy to entitlements and communications.

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Unfair dismissals, tribunals and court representation

We help both employers and employees minimise the costs, stress and inconvenience that unfair dismissal processes cause.

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Workplace policies & procedures

Don’t waste time creating workplace documents from scratch - use our tried and tested, plain English policies & procedures.

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Workplace inquiries, investigations and audits

Handle complaints, & get your compliance & legal risks sorted.